Example Embed

I can’t see these in the front end either as my adblocking and privacy software are blocking it. When I allow it works

Add iframes using the WP shortcode not the straggly code

[ iframe src=”the url including the https – obligatory to serve secure content” ]

But for spotify and other embeds try to hit / in a new para and you should be able to add soundcloud and spotify via a url too!

I don’t know about the add audio technique used below as I tend to host sound and moving images elsewhere – better for streaming quality, but imagine the file needs to be local not on another host

mp3 or wav should now work as I have added to allowed list, but NB we do have a file limit of 10MB to save space and the planet

Examples that didn’t work

The following links to non local content, so maybe would never work?


This wraps the whole site – bad idea