East Lothian Climate Action Network

supporting communities to create a just, thriving, and resilient future

We’re reaching out to community groups and other organisations across East Lothian and inviting everyone to take part in the development of a new

East Lothian Climate Action Hub

Introducing Scotland’s new Climate Action Networks and Hubs

Following COP26 in November 2021, the Scottish Government invited the Scottish Communities Climate Action Network to establish regional climate action networks across Scotland.  The Scottish Government has recently reaffirmed its support the development of regional Climate Action Hubs across Scotland and a more strategic community approach to climate action.

We need your input

How a Climate Action Hub in East Lothian will work and what it will do will be shaped by the communities of East Lothian.  The aim is to support, inspire, and build capacity and connections. This could include specialist support to develop your ideas, projects and organisation; training sessions, events, resources and tool kits; as well as the sharing of knowledge, skills and inspiration as we create a thriving and sustainable future 


Over the coming months, we want to hear from you as we continue our work to create the new East Lothian Climate Action Hub, and establish its priorities

Along the way, the Network is here to create a collaborative community for local groups, advocate for a sustainable and inclusive environment and amplify its collective voice

While we are actively reaching out to communities, please don’t wait to be approached. If you are part of a community group or other organisation in East Lothian, we want to hear from you! You can be any community organisation of any size, anywhere in East Lothian

We want to hear your views

What would be practical, useful and inspiring? 

How should the network and hub be structured?

What resources and benefits would be helpful? 

How do we create a fair, inclusive and welcoming space?

With so many groups doing great work, how do we share skills and experiences?

How do we foster connections that benefit all our work?


For further information, or to set-up a meeting, please contact Sarah Bronsdon