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Hosting and support for your organisation’s web page as a part of our network using the latest & greatest WordPress software

What is a space?

A space is a fully fledged website hosted under the domain.

You get the latest and greatest WordPress, but without too much clutter.

You can build simple or complex layouts and use the blogging open source software that runs millions of websites.

Under the bonnet there’s a simple but modern template, highly customisable and with many options to make it your own.

Ideal if you want a 1 page website; a more complex site with multiple pages, navigation menus; a simple news or blog page.

You also get this entirely free, along with free support and a starter website which you can modify as much as you please.

NOTA BENE: SCCAN SPACES is for SCCAN Group Members only and at this stage an experimental service. SCCAN reserves the right to adjust it as needed, add to the terms and conditions of the service, add or remove features.

Benefits of our network:

  • at the moment it is free and has built in support
  • in time we hope to skill up members and beyond, in page building & blogging and sharing the secrets
  • we worry about all the arcane things – server, security etc and ensure you never miss a software update
  • in the future we will add further useful functions, if we think they will benefit all our members; e.g. a small annual hosting fee; selected popular plugins or management on your own domain …

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Whether or not websites are your thing, we’ll support you to get started and go live in no time

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