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We rely on volunteers to run the network. If you have time, energy or skills to offer, then get in touch!

If you want to get involved in any way, please do get in touch to discuss:


Phone: 07511943302

SCCAN exists to link up and support its members. We depend on you, our members, to get involved in the running of the network. Helping out in this way can be a great way to develop your skills, meet new people and become part of a supportive and enthusiastic team. “Working with SCCAN was an amazing opportunity for me to meet great individuals and learn lots of new skills……..It was great to have so much freedom to incorporate my ideas into the project. ………If you have some spare time and are wondering about getting involved with SCCAN, I can only recommend it!”

Please note, the above activities are for people aged 18 years and older, please see below for signposting to Scottish organisations for young people.

Climate action for young people

For those of you aged under 18 please have a look at the organisations and opportunities below if you are interested in taking action on the climate and nature emergency:

2050 Climate Group

2050 Climate Group empowers young people to take action against the climate crisis.

They are a youth-led, volunteer-driven charity bursting with fresh ideas and passion. Their mission is to empower young people from all backgrounds across Scotland to lead the fight against the climate emergency and drive a just transition.

Visit the 2050 Climate Group website here.

Young Friends of the Earth Scotland

Young Friends of the Earth Scotland is a grassroots network of young people (aged 16-30), from across Scotland, working collectively for social and climate justice.

Their network is made up of local groups, allied organisations and passionate individuals across the country. They welcome any young people in Scotland to get involved and attend their events.

Visit the Young Friends of the Earth Scotland website here.


SCCAN is organised into circles (working groups) which have devolved authority to deliver different aspects of our wider purpose. This creates many niches for volunteers to get involved in strategic decisions as well as operational tasks, depending on your skills and interests and time available. Could this be you? If so, please get in touch and/or complete this ‘expression of interest‘ form. Please be aware that it may take a while for us to get back to you.

At present we are specifically (but not exclusively) looking for:

Mission Circle

Our ‘Mission Circle’ oversees and coordinates external collaborations and partnerships and ensures ongoing reflection and scrutiny of how well SCCAN is fulfilling its purpose. Some members of the Mission Circle also serve as the board of directors of SCCAN Community Interest Company which provides our legal structure. We are currently seeking to refresh, diversify and expand membership of this circle and to bring in new skills and experience. We are particularly keen to find volunteers with knowledge and experience in fundraising, income generation and HR approaches that align with our values.

Member Engagement and Support Circle

Our Member Engagement and Support Circle aims to actively listen and find out more about our members’ needs and tries to ensure that these needs are met through SCCAN’s various activities. We also seek to ensure that new members are welcomed into the network in supportive way.

We’re keen to diversify the membership of this circle so that we can hear from a wider range of our members. If you are interested to discuss joining, please get in touch via the expression of interest form, or contact Johanna for a chat:

A short film which talks about how SCCAN works. Our team explain how we use sociocracy within our organisation and the role of each circle. Our team is made up of paid staff and volunteers.

Join Our Cause: Be a Catalyst for Change with SCCAN! 

  • Are you passionate about addressing the pressing climate challenges facing Scotland and the world?
  • Are you committed to driving sustainable, community-led solutions?

Here’s your opportunity to make a significant impact as a Governance and Policy Circle Member Volunteer at SCCAN!

Join SCCAN and help build a brighter, more sustainable future for Scotland. Your passion and dedication can shape the policies that will lead us towards a more resilient and climate-conscious nation.

At our circle we review policies from a sociocratic perspective. All the work is online. We tend to meet Thursday 4-6 once monthly. This opportunity involves team discussion on zoom. Minimum commitment required is 3 hours per month for 3 months.

For queries, contact