VIVE Networking Platform

VIVE is our online, peer to peer networking platform for people across Britain, run in partnership with Transition Together.  

Let’s connect!

VIVE is a new peer to peer networking platform that we have started using alongside Transition Together. Join the platform to connect with hundreds of community workers, activists and volunteers working all around Scotland and the UK. Feel free to join the Scotland space and to use the space to learn from and support each other, share news, project updates, funding and jobs opportunities, ask questions, etc…

Within the VIVE platform, we are in the process of setting up spaces for particular regions and communities of interest. Please do register on the VIVE platform to connect, share and start collaborating with others. 

It’s an easy-to-use, open-source, ethical platform, away from the noise and challenges of other channels – and we are inviting you to help us shape it.

The platform holds a variety of spaces on themes which might be of interest to you, e.g. local democracy, waste, jobs, energy and more. Please click the help button to get a video tour of the space and to understand how to use its features.