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SCCAN’s work circles are supported by a small team of paid staff and freelancers. We currently also have a team of staff supporting the development of regional networks across much of Scotland.


Craig Dunn

SCCAN Operations Support Lead

Craig joins us directly from leading the team at the Knoydart Foundation. He spent four and half years there and oversaw a rapid increase in turnover, services and climate action.  He has thirteen years experience as a director and has a large level of experience in business development, marketing and operational systems.  He’s based on Knoydart with his wife and two kids (Bruce 8 and Hamish 5).  Recently he became a director for Knoydart Farm CIC (dedicated to food resilience for the peninsula) and was a founding member of the local climate action group.


Laura Forde

Finance & Admin Weaver

Following a 20 year career in banking, I joined SCCAN to help build a responsible and sustainable future for my children. I support SCCAN staff and volunteers by helping in aspects of finance, human resources and administration. I enjoy yoga, jigsaws and the Scottish countryside, celebrating local business and raising awareness of disabilities especially invisible ones.  


Rebecca Gibbs

Adaptation Programme Lead

I’ve worked in health, policy and politics.  I have 15 years working on climate change – most recently on adaptation and am particularly interested in social adaptation.  Before working in the policy world, I spent time as a community worker in South London and lived in two eco communities in Dorset and Southern Spain. When I’m not at SCCAN I try to make my garden grow and co-convene an  adaptation forum, The Cadence Roundtable.


Lesley Anne Rose

Story Weaver

I’m a creative producer and writer and co-founder of Open Road, a company who believes that culture and creativity inspired by people and place can transform lives. I have worked on a number of community climate engagement projects, including as an Embedded Artist with Creative Carbon Scotland and Climate Ready Clyde.
I am one of SCCAN Story Weavers working with Joana Avi-Lorie and Kaska Hempel.  


Kaska Hempel

Story Weaver

Based in Tayport, North East Fife, I have worked in climate communication and digital community storytelling for 8 years, with PLANT group, Tayport Community Trust and with Transition University of St Andrews and now SCCAN. I believe empowering individuals and communities to share their stories of climate action can drive real change. I take care of 1000 Better Stories podcast, related training and audio storyteller collective for change.


Joana Avi-Lorie

Story Weaver & Event Coordinator

I’m a writer, artist and student researcher working with climate anxiety, stories and children. I joined SCCAN because I wanted to learn about and contribute to community climate action. I am also interested in sociocracy as a way to create positive change that can cascade across different areas of society.

Contact: or

Kirsty Heron

Climate for Change Programme Lead

My work is about creating opportunities for people to explore their responses to the climate/ecological/social crises, uncover motivation to act, and find empowerment through collective action. I’m an Active Hope facilitator and trainer, passionate about communities building resilience together. I’m also an ecological fruit grower, natural builder, and dancer, currently based in rural Perthshire.


Johanna Saunderson

Member Engagement and Support Coordinator

I’ve worked across the creative sector, events and education. I’m also an artist and have been involved with climate action groups in Glasgow where I’m currently based. At SCCAN I aim to ensure members’ needs are met through delivering a range of activities and training opportunities.


Ruth McLaren

Communications Weaver

I have worked and volunteered in the environment sector for over 5 years and I have always been extremely passionate about issues surrounding the climate emergency, especially climate justice and addressing inequalities. I live on the Isle of Arran and am also involved with the island’s marine conservation organisation, COAST. I love spending time in nature and reading (sometimes both at the same time!).


Madeleine Scobie

Content Creator & Media Assistant

I enjoy using my media production skills to help promote and raise awareness of SCCAN and community-led climate action in Scotland. I like working at SCCAN as I am passionate about the environment and believe it’s important to help Scottish communities adapt to climate change. In my spare time, I like to do nature photography and watch films and documentaries.


Lisa Busby

Communications Weaver & Ayrshire Climate Hub Adviser

With a background in arts and music making, Lisa’s worked on projects to support, connect and empower people, networks and communities, including land and environmental sector; often with a focus on learning or creativity. She lives on the west coast and you will often find her in or on the sea.


Board Members

Pat Abel

SCCAN Board Member


Pamela Candea

SCCAN Board Member

Based in Stirling, a founding member of Transition Stirling, I have been with SCCAN almost since its inception, believing strongly that grassroots initiatives, supporting each other, are key to moving toward a more sustainable, more democratic society.


Eva Schonveld

SCCAN Board Member

I am a climate activist, writer and process designer and facilitator. I work with Grassroots to Global, which takes a psychological and cultural approach to catalyse and explore better ways to make our collective decisions that can enable meaningful change locally, nationally and internationally.


Philip Revell

SCCAN Board Member

I’m a community activist, independent researcher, project manager, potter and grandad. Holding a positive vision whilst building well networked, resilient communities, all exploring and telling a new story of humans and nature flourishing together, locally and globally, is becoming ever more urgent.


Emma Yule

SCCAN Board Member

I work on projects that engage and inspire people to take climate action and begin their journey into climate science and climate justice. I am a PhD researcher and tutor at Edinburgh University focused on extreme weather and climate adaptation. I was listed on the Scottish Power COP26 Green Power List for her climate action work.


Iryna Zamuruieva

SCCAN Board Member


Investing in Regional Networks – Support Staff

Jean-Matthieu Gaunand

Edinburgh Regional Network Coordinator

With a background in community project management, I started working at SCCAN in 2018 as SCCAN communications coordinator and later as Network Weaver. I am now the Network Coordinator for the Edinburgh Climate Action Network. More info is available here.


Alison Limbert

Lanarkshire Regional Network Coordinator

Working with private and public sector stakeholders,I have previously supported projects which built and upgraded public sector buildings. In more recent years I have worked with social enterprises, charities and community groups, in supporting circular economy and sustainability projects. Moving with my family from an urban to a rural area allows me to enjoy Scotland’s stunning natural environment and inspires me to protect it for my children and future generations to be able to continue to enjoy it.


Circle Members

Zainab Al Lawati

Volunteer and Climate for Change Conversations Facilitator

I am very passionate about planet conservation. I think it very important to look after the environment and address the climate emergency, which is why I joined SCCAN. I also joined because SCCAN follows sociocracy, which enables each person to have a voice, which is essential too.

Annabel Collins

SCCAN Volunteer

I’m Annabel I live in Glasgow and I’m volunteer for the charity because I want to do my bit for the natural world.

Hazel Darwin-Clements

Storyteller, Community Climate Action Project worker

I’m interested in how to inspire effective community climate action in an artistic, meaningful and joyful way. My background is in theatre and arts, but I also freelance for a Porty Community Energy, run a cargo bike library, Community Fridge and Car Pool as well as organising Community Energy/Heat conversations.

Andrea Harrower

Development Worker at Greener Kirkcaldy

I started as a Media Volunteer at Greener Kirkcaldy in 2014. I joined their staff in 2021, coordinating the events schedule and marketing and communications activities. I also have a keen interest in media production as it is in this area I got my degree.

Katie Revell

Audio Producer

I’m an audio producer with a particular focus on food, farming and the climate crisis. For me, being involved in community climate action is a way of feeling connected and useful, and getting a regular dose of positivity – a necessary antidote to the frustration and despair that often comes with dwelling too much on the global situation!

Syed Sulaiman Shahul Hameed

SCCAN Volunteer

With a robust background in the energy sector, I am eager to channel expertise into fostering sustainability. Joining on a journey to contribute to the Scottish Communities Climate Action Network, where passion meets purpose. Together, let’s make strides toward a greener and more resilient future for all.

Mary Troup

SCCAN Volunteer

Alette Willis

SCCAN Volunteer

For the last two decades my work and my passion has revolved around how we think with stories about everyday ethical actions in relation to place and to the more-than-human world.  I have explored this and experimented through performance storytelling, writing children’s books, doing research, teaching and facilitating workshops.

Fani Apospori

Communications Lead Link & SCCAN Volunteer

I’m a Master’s postgraduate in Literature and Modernity, following an environmental humanities pathway. My research interests revolve around climate and environmental justice, the blue and green humanities, decolonial studies and environmental storytelling. I joined SCCAN because I wanted to expand my knowledge and contribute towards communicating climate change and using arts and culture to shift community responses to the climate emergency from doomism and eco-anxiety towards resilience, adaptation and solidarity.