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Collaborating with CEMVO Scotland

We are looking forward to working with CEMVO Scotland in 2023. We will collaborate with them on two key projects – the Ethnic Minority Environmental Network, and the Race Equality Environmental Programme.

EMEN connects ethnic minority groups and individuals with mainstream organisations working on climate change and climate justice in Scotland. EMEN hosts events and workshops, produces policy and responds to consultations, and sends out a newsletter. Let them know if you want to use EMEN to publicise your projects.

Are you an environmental organisation looking to address racial inequality and better serve ethnic minority communities? The Race Equality Environmental Programme can help improve your organisation’s capacity to tackle these important issues. Want to discuss how we can collaborate?

With their Race Equality Environmental Programme, CEMVO can assist environmental organisations to mainstream race equality into their day-to-day functions and all areas of organisational development, as well as increase their awareness and understanding of complex EDI issues and barriers across the sector as a whole.

CEMVO’s approach is not prescriptive but is that of a ‘critical friend’ to enable organisations to build their individual capacity to initiate, improve and take effective action on their own EDI policies and practices.

To find out more, and discuss how we can collaborate, speak to Andrew Williams, our Environmental Projects Coordinator –