Communicating Climate Change – Working with Arts and Culture – Creative Carbon Scotland and Hannah Imlach

60 people attended the second event of our communicating climate change series, this time focused on working with Arts & Culture as a powerful tool to inspire, inform and engage our communities in the fight against climate change. Lewis Coenen-Rowe from Creative Carbon Scotland and artist Hannah Imlach opened the session with examples of their work and how it connected to people and connected people to each other by allowing them to imagine and project futures, drawing attention to the immense beauty of our environment and find a common language in diverse communities of humans, animals, and nature. We then worked in groups reflecting together upon pieces of art-themed on climate action, climate resilience, and climate awareness. A lot of relevant ideas and areas of focus emerged from these conversations from the investment in interactive projects that get people together to share knowledge in a fun way, to intergenerational thinking and the need to bring new thinkers into the mix, such as indigenous people and artists themselves. Thank you Lewis and all the team from CCScotland and Hannah for your inspiration and thanks to all participants for these conversations that definitely planted a seed and hopefully will blossom into successful creative projects.