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Join Our Cause: Be a Catalyst for Change with SCCAN! 

  • Are you passionate about addressing the pressing climate challenges facing Scotland and the world?
  • Are you committed to driving sustainable, community-led solutions?

Here’s your opportunity to make a significant impact as a Governance and Policy Circle Member Volunteer at the Scottish Communities Climate Action Network (SCCAN)!

Join SCCAN and help build a brighter, more sustainable future for Scotland. Your passion and dedication can shape the policies that will lead us towards a more resilient and climate-conscious nation.

At our circle we review policies from a sociocratic perspective. All the work is online. We tend to meet Thursday 4-6 once monthly. This opportunity involves team discussion on zoom. Minimum commitment required is 3 hours per month for 3 months.

For queries, contact

A short film which talks about how SCCAN works. Our team explain how we use sociocracy within our organisation and the role of each circle.