Pockets and Prospects funding

Sorry but this funding is currently closed as all funds have been allocated.

Pockets and Prospects grants to SCCAN member organisations are intended to help you to engage with ‘disadvantaged’ groups in your community and to work with them to tackle ‘climate disruption’. The funding comes from the Scottish Government via the Scottish Community Alliance.

We want to encourage SCCAN members to reach out beyond their usual bubble to engage more widely across their community and initiate collaboration and joining up of activity around e.g. food / fuel poverty climate justice and wider climate issues.

We invite bids on less than two sides of A4 on a first come first served basis, to convenor@sccan.scot

Please ensure you provide name of SCCAN Member Organisation, Contact Name and full contact details along with summary budget – between £250 and £1,000 – for the activities, and a short description of what the grant will enable you to do. 

Please include a description of your current approach and how the grant will change this and how you will monitor and evaluate the quantitative and qualitative impact of the proposed activity.