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Report on ‘Sustainability in Fashion’ by R:evolve Recycle

What perks and challenges do you find when trying to make your look sustainable? Are you trying to dress and acessorize more sustainably and are curious about how to?

Celebrating the European Day of Sustainable Communities 2021, #EDSC21 and the Climate Fringe Week.

On Thursday 24th September 2021, we had 17 participants at the Sustainability in Fashion Event hosted by SCCAN and R:evolve Recycle. The event covered the impact of fast fashion and the obstacles we face in shopping sustainably. 

Anne-Marie, from R:evolve Recycle, gave a riveting presentation about the dangers of fast fashion. She provided shocking statistics such as 95% of clothing in UK landfills can be reused. She highlighted the importance of linking fast fashion to climate change and to consider the impact of manufacturing and transportation. 

Anne-Marie discussed alternatives to fast-fashion and throw away culture such as using swap shops like R:evolve. R:evolve has 3 swap shops located in Glasgow, as well as an eco-haberdashary and regularly put on workshops to aid people to dress sustainably. 

Participants were also asked to discuss and consider the obstacles they face when trying to be sustainable in fashion. 

We would like to thank Anne-Marie for her time and we hope everyone learned the dangers of fast fashion and gained some insight in how to shop more sustainably!

Presentation around fashion and sustainability .

Fashion is more that clothes, it is an important tool of human self-expression – but how can we make it right for the environment and each other?

This event was supported by the Scottish Community Alliance’s Community Learning Exchange. Anne Marie Clarence – R:evolve Recycle

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