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SCOTLAND: Our Climate Journey film + networking 7.00pm – 8.45pm Wed 2 Feb

Watch inspiring account of individual & collective action in Scotland shown at COP26 in November and plot and plan what to do next in 2022!

About this event

This 60-minute film, SCOTLAND: Our Climate Journey, premiered during COP26 in Dundee. Its journey starts with Stop Climate Chaos Scotland and the Climate Change (Scotland) 2009 Act and explores real world changes inspired across Scotland.

Join us at 7.00pm – 8.45pm Wednesday 2 February 2022. Book: and Share

Mike Robinson, founding chair of SCCS and now CEO of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society, will introduce the film he commissioned and will facilitate discussion.

The documentary explores the journey of policymakers, industrialists, community groups, farmers, scientists and NGO and youth activists, leading to a fair and just transition to more sustainable practices.

The time to act is now. Mike asks “Will we wake up to the realities of climate change before it’s too late?

This film leaves us with a sense of hope, inspiration, and renewed strength for the challenges ahead.

Scottish Communities Climate Action Network

Royal Scottish Geographical Society

Transition Edinburgh + Our Future Edinburgh