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Equality, Diversity, Inclusion

How to Widen Participation and improve Equality & Diversity?

How to become a more welcome and inclusive group / organisation? How to engage with diverse communities & include diverse voices?

A training workshop to help your group widen participation – we’ll explore our awareness of how different forms of racism affect the environmental sector on a daily basis.

Limited to 15 participants max.

While we are navigating our way forward to honest diversity and inclusion, SCCAN and CEMVO have developed a training opportunity to conduct individual and organisational analysis of methods for engaging with diverse communities. We will consider and question our own awareness of racism today and how different forms of racism are affecting the green sector on a daily basis.

There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution to holistic reforms in our ways of working but the first step to all possible solutions would look at generating honest enthusiasm to being responsive to people with lived experiences of inequalities. More often than not, our attempts at creating equality in the workplace are experienced as tokenistic and superficial.

To combat that exploitative nature of our experiments, we must begin with educating ourselves in racism and then thinking of setting up long-term anti-racism frameworks. So, this training workshop will allow you to explore ideas of racism and what it means to put them in and out of practice.

We will also be exploring different tokenistic organisational practices through a case study of sexual orientation before zooming out and considering how this can be applied to different protected characteristics.

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