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Sociocracy / Dynamic Governance

Are you tired of power games in your organisations? Do you hope the spirit of collaboration could bring out the best in people? Do you think organisations could be places of synergy, collaboration, growth, and deep authentic connection? Are you keen to improve decision-making and governance of organisations in Scotland?

In SCCAN, we use Sociocracy to make effective decisions, empower teams and adapt our ways of working.

What is Sociocracy?

Advantages of Sociocracy

  • better listening.
  • how we make effective decisions and consent decision making.
  • how we empower and connect teams through circle structures.
  • continuously improve processes over time.

SOFA Empowered Circles Course

SOFA offer an Empowered Circles Course for 4 – 8 people to get together and learn Sociocracy Basics as a group online.

SCCAN Circles

We would invite you to join one of SCCAN’s Circles to see first hand how Sociocracy works in action in our meetings.

Please submit an Expression of Interest form here.

SCCAN/ SOFA Sociocracy Basics Online

You can view the recordings of our online Dynamic Governance: Sociocracy Basics Training – A SCCAN / Sociocracy for All workshop here with Jerry Koch-Gonzalez: Part 1 and Part 2.