Sociocracy / Dynamic Governance

Are you tired of power games in your organisations? Do you hope the spirit of collaboration could bring out the best in people? Do you think organisations could be places of synergy, collaboration, growth, and deep authentic connection? Are you keen to improve decision-making and governance of organisations in Scotland?

In this workshop, we will give you an overview of the basic concepts of Sociocracy also known as Dynamic Governance: How we make effective decisions. How we empower and connect teams. How to continuously improve processes over time.

In SCCAN, we use Sociocracy / Dynamic Governance and would like to share this practice with our wider network and all interested in learning more.

What is Sociocracy

This training can be delivered online or face to face.

Online: Two 3 hours training, Face to face version: full day or two days training

If interested in taking part in this training, please contact us via email:

Advantages of Sociocracy

Whether or not you have heard of Sociocracy before, in this training workshop, we will give you an overview of the basic concepts of sociocracy also known as Dynamic Governance: 

  • better listening
  • how we make effective decisions and consent decision making
  • how we empower and connect teams through circle structures
  • how to continuously improve processes over time.

Exercises and role-plays let everyone experience the clarity, consideration, and flow that sociocracy brings. You will leave with a big picture of the possibilities, practical tools to start using right away, and a vivid experience of what a Sociocratic group feels like. A third of the time will be on presentations, another third on practical exercises and the last third on reflection and Q&A. 


  1. Deciding together so no one is ignored: Consent 
  2. A place for everything / everything in place: Organizational structure 
  3. Linking, with improved flow of information: Connected Teams 
  4. Being intentional about who does what: sociocratic open elections 
  5. Learning and feedback: how we can improve what we do and how we do it


Take a look at the recording of one of our past Sociocracy trainings! You can find more of there on our youtube channel.