The Art of Asking

Do you want to learn about how to ask people to take part in your organisation and activities or to take specific actions? 

‘We made an art out of asking people to help us and join us.’

– Amanda Palmer

Course Outline

Come along to this 3 hours training workshop where we will enquire into, and hopefully begin to breakdown, the apprehensions or fears or questions many of us have around asking. This could be asking in general, but specifically in the context of your activities and events, we’re asking for attendance, participation, funds, we’re asking people to join our group as well as take pledges and actions.

You will learn how to make asking easier, and more effective. You will learn about:

  • Confidence
  • Direct vs Indirect asks
  • Guiding the asks
  • Assumptions

The Art of Asking

We will then take time to put theory into practice by splitting into small working groups. 

If interested in taking part in this training, please contact us via email: