ECAN Summer Garden Party

The Edinburgh communities Climate Action Network (ECAN) hosted a wide gathering of grassroots groups, individuals, organisations, businesses and policymakers with an interest in climate change. 

Around 50 people joined Edinburgh communities Climate Action Network (ECAN)‘s Summer Garden Party for a relaxed evening of food, music, networking and learning with all kinds of groups, organisations and individuals in Edinburgh.

Thank you to the community-based food and drinks providers including the Broomhouse Hub’s new Outta Space pizzas.

Thank you to the Edinburgh Science Festival who had fun activities and resources to help you think through options for climate action in your own life or organisation.

Thank you to the Edinburgh Climate Forum and local policymakers and councillors who heard your views on how climate action in Edinburgh should be organised.

Thank you to the artists for the amazing music in the background!

Lastly, thank you to Earth in Common for hosting us the party as well as all the volunteers for helping out!

Here are what we are taking away from the event:

I can offer:

  • Space for events
  • Work with Young people
  • Co-working space
  • Nature based workshops for children and adults
  • Waste related activities. Cycling activities.
  • Meeting and cafe facilities. Rooms, gazebos, Projector, PA, Marquee – Earth in Common, Leith Community Croft.
  • Vision: How to get to where we want to.
  • For individual. Market garden. Volunteering. Wednesdays. 10am – 12noon. 1:30 – 4pm.
  • Community
  • Coop member pioneer for Edinburgh East and Leith
  • Funding through Co-op Local Community Fund
  • Money? Please call!
  • Support to organisation with their sustainability plan – the
  • Leadership.

I need:

  • Info on reliable trades people and contractors
  • More investment in community projects.
  • More affordable studio spaces for creatives
  • Bridge street Hub, sewing repairs, yoga, etc….surely a men’s shed for tools somewhere!
  • Long term funding including overheads!
  • Grants for repairs (which also helps with possible loss of income)
  • To know what is around me, what I can do
  • Remakery and tool hire near me
  • Legal representation / legal advice, that pro bono

I have an idea:

  • Discuss, discuss and talk with anyone you can about your concerns
  • Learning from making improvements to a listed building (salisbury centre)
  • Any grants to match inflation (costs and salaries)
  • A physical space to meet with garden (salisbury centre)
  • Make sure all community hubs, gardens, initiatives are mapped and linked together
  • ECAN to promote activism ( March on parliament, XR, etc…)
  • Renegade vegetable growing
  • ECAN and the Edinburgh Climate Action Hub to offer shared services (admin, marketing, fundraising, HR, etc.) for local groups.
  • Bubbles of groups working in the same sector for change.
  • Regular Hub people to meet over potlucks, then discuss ideas.
  • March salaries to business sectors
  • Green zones: incentivise local place based business to collectively reduce emissions and waste.
  • Lobby for climate positive actions
  • A map of things to do near me
  • Edinburgh Doughnut Economics Action Lab – Edeal.
  • Sustainability hub in each locality of the city – you can only ask.
  • Friends of the earth Edinburgh ideas – contact us.
  • Make use of existing spaces in the city.
  • To cut down on plastic bottles we need lots of drinking fountains: easy, cheap, sustainable, common sense.
  • Seconded! Would also like to see them grouped by theme e.g. repair and reuse.
  • I like this! Edinburgh science could do as one of our climate co-labs .

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