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Fundraising Post-COVID: Practical Workshop 3-5pm Wed 8 Dec

Skillshare session with Phyllis Martin, TrufflePig Fundraising: Tips and Guidance for successful community led climate action bids

Effective Community Led Climate Action needs properly resourced – people, premises and outreach events.

What can be learnt from responses to the Pandemic to frame effective bids for tackling the Climate Emergency?

3.00pm – 5.00pm Wednesday 8 December Online


TIMETABLE: Starting with Phyllis Martin’s overview of how small not-for-profit community organisations can fundraise effectively with na bonus on how to rethink the bid after COVID.

  • 3.00pm Welcome and Introductions
  • 3.10pm Phyllis Martin on Small-scale Community Fundraising
  • 3.30pm Q&A
  • 3.40pm Phyllis Martin on New Guidance post-COVID
  • 3.55pm Q&A
  • 4.10pm Break to gather your thoughts / funding challenges
  • 4.20pm Breakout Scene Setting
  • 4.30pm Breakout Groups looking at specific opportunities
  • 5.10pm Plenary to share ideas and suggestions
  • 5.25pm Wrap up and Close at 4.30pm.

Phyllis Martin has extensive experience of fundraising …

Erin McElhinney from Truffle Pig Fundraising will share experience of supporting third sector organisations reeling in grant support in our breakout sessions.

See SCCAN’s Funding Guidance, the detailed Funding route map compiled by Alan Caldwell in 2013 and the shorter Funding Checklist edited by Joana Avi-Lorie.