Sociocracy – a brief introduction

This introduction to sociocracy by Sociocracy for All is an excellent resource!

Human societies follow rulesets that have been passed down to us for a long time. The rules tell us that’s it’s normal that some have power and resources, and that others don’t.

To so many, this is not the game they want to play anymore. Now what? Most of us never learned any other game. Sociocracy is such a rule set for organizations, and it offers a way out of the power games.

It consists of:

-An inclusive and effective way of making decisions
-Distributed and transparent leadership in circles and roles
-Clear connecting ways to structure our meetings.

Sociocracy goes way beyond majority vote or endless large group processes. It adds transparency, ease, and flow. This book is meant as a first overview, with links on how to learn more.

This book is meant as an overview.