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Findhorn Foundation Ecovillage – An Unintentional Community

by Tara Gibsone In 1962 Peter and Eileen Caddy, their three children, and friend Dorothy found themselves living in a small caravan on the Findhorn peninsula after losing their jobs in a hotel not far…Continue readingFindhorn Foundation Ecovillage – An Unintentional Community

Gracemount Community Garden – Food Oasis

As I waited in line to get my delicious soup from the Scran food truck, I noticed the woman in front of me was holding a very small and very nervous dog. She told me…Continue readingGracemount Community Garden – Food Oasis

There’s Something About COP26 – Part 2

Community And then something amazing happened. As I tried unsuccessfully to pin down the posters and photographs on the walls of the stand using some useless sticky bits, I heard. ‘Do you want some help?’…Continue readingThere’s Something About COP26 – Part 2

There’s Something About COP26 – Part 1

Disillusion At the start of 2020, freshly moved to Scotland, I emailed the organization of COP26 with an inquiry for how to get a ticket. Sitting at the bus station in Glasgow, sheltered from the…Continue readingThere’s Something About COP26 – Part 1

Expressing Our Gratitude

I breathed the fresh air as I walked to the Ras Al Hadd beach, the location Bank Muscat chose for this year’s annual retreat. Being the head of Operational Risk Management department I got invited.…Continue readingExpressing Our Gratitude

Light Up the Way

Transforming Power with Community Climate Action written for SCSN Climate Change themed newsletter I know we are not powerless, but we cannot underestimate the difficulties of changing the stories that make us think we are.…Continue readingLight Up the Way

Glasgow Children’s Woodland

One year ago, our Story Weaver Paul Bristow had the opportunity to chat with Alex MacKenzie of The Lost Woods and Emily Reid of Eco Drama, two projects based in Glasgow who are inspiring young…Continue readingGlasgow Children’s Woodland


by Gazelle Buchholtz first published at Language & Ecology 2017 When I grasp the packaging, it wriggles in the refrigerated counter. I withdraw my hand in a snap movement, and everything goes back to…Continue readingPigsty

Riders on the Storm

The Climate Crisis and the Survival of Being -with Alastair McIntosh. Community Led Climate Action Autumn Gathering, Edinburgh and online. 2-5pm, Saturday 25th September Join Community-led initiatives across Scotland. Share ways of tackling the personal…Continue readingRiders on the Storm

The Future Will Be Local

Originally written for and posted at Architecture & Design Scotland ‘s blog To Introduce Architecture and Design Scotland’s Climate Action Towns work we reached out to a number of partners across Scotland to write a…Continue readingThe Future Will Be Local