Little Binx Doesn’t Want to Eat her Friends

This short children’s story was created for a storytelling event at the Glasgow Centre of Contemporary Arts, as part of a project in partnership with Glasgow University, Veganwheels, and Ananda Animal Sanctuary.  Because it is…Continue readingLittle Binx Doesn’t Want to Eat her Friends

The Wrong Turn

The Wrong Turn is a short dance film about nature and humanity. One day, while dancing in ecstasy, mother nature gives birth to humanity, her greatest creation. As she guides man to comprehend the universe he has…Continue readingThe Wrong Turn

The Treasure

By Pam Candea I The treasure. It was always about the treasure. Heroes always find the treasure, don’t they? They do that by off-loading their issues onto others so that they can focus on the…Continue readingThe Treasure

#EDSC 2022 – Stories from Newington Grange

In celebration of the European Day of Sustainable Communities, we would like to share 3 stories told at the National Mining Museum Scotland, with whom we partnered to collaborate for the Midlothian Climate Beacon. We…Continue reading#EDSC 2022 – Stories from Newington Grange

Killer Whale

by Euri Vidal There is more space here. The water is warmer than it has been in previous years. I liked this area of ​​the ocean, in Antarctica. I used to come here in the…Continue readingKiller Whale

The Egg Hunters – Part 2

By Gazelle Buchholtz “If you sign here, then I’ll make sure Isla will have a great day in the outdoors and returns tonight before 6 o’clock,” says Doreen eagerly and points to the dotted line…Continue readingThe Egg Hunters – Part 2


By Erin Rizzato Devlin & Emir Elisa Rizzato, Càrna PROLOGUE ‘In nem maides fa muir thar chrícha fa thalam conscara fa gáir mo maic se,’ olsé, ‘re n-éccomlonn?’‘Is it the sky that cracks, or the…Continue readingNEM, TALAM, MUIR

Findhorn Foundation Ecovillage – An Unintentional Community

by Tara Gibsone In 1962 Peter and Eileen Caddy, their three children, and friend Dorothy found themselves living in a small caravan on the Findhorn peninsula after losing their jobs in a hotel not far…Continue readingFindhorn Foundation Ecovillage – An Unintentional Community

The Egg Hunters – Part 1

By Gazelle Buchholtz “Theodore, it doesn’t work. The eggs keep drifting away,” says Doreen as she stands by the wide living room window and looks out at the pouring rain in the garden. The water…Continue readingThe Egg Hunters – Part 1

Gracemount Community Garden – Food Oasis

As I waited in line to get my delicious soup from the Scran food truck, I noticed the woman in front of me was holding a very small and very nervous dog. She told me…Continue readingGracemount Community Garden – Food Oasis