The Wrong Turn

The Wrong Turn is a short dance film about nature and humanity. 
One day, while dancing in ecstasy, mother nature gives birth to humanity, her greatest creation. As she guides man to comprehend the universe he has entered, she reveals the connectivity and beauty of all things. She also grants him the ability to create (creative intelligence), which brings him closest to nature. 

By virtue of his ability to create, man, however, deceives himself by inventing a self that convinces him of his superiority over all things, including nature. Due to his inflated self, he begins to perceive everything around him as his. In the end, nature beckons him to join her and proceed in the right direction; where all life is, where happiness and beauty lie. But man, under the spell of his ego/self, chooses to ignore and sever ties with nature and proceeds in the wrong direction, just as we still do today.

by Kangan Upadhye

This project was created with the support of the Storytelling mini-grants

Storytellers Collective

I am passionate about social change and discovering our true potential as human beings and as a society. I have a keen interest in the environment and animal rights. I am also a trained Indian classical dancer and a freelance performing artist. I actively engage in projects that use creative art forms to express perspectives and stories that do not have a voice in the world we live in. I feel that dance, movement, and other creative art forms are great tools to express, connect, and process the world around us.