‘Climate: Knowledge into Action’ Facilitator Portal

NB: This page is private. Please do not share.

Course Material:

In this folder, you will find the slides and notes of the 4 modules as well as other useful resources.

Please download these documents or make a shortcut into your own google drive folder so that you can add your local information in the relevant sections and your logo.

The slides can be shared with participants.

The slides are revised regularly. If you see anything that doesn’t seem right, please email johanna@sccan.scot

Carbon Literacy Certificates (for your participants)

Your participants will need to fill the ‘participant’s details form’ in order to gain carbon literacy (CL) certification. FYI, we have 46 remaining prepaid CL certificates but will pre-purchase more so they will be free of charge to your participants – normally £10 per certificate.

Recording impact

It is great to see how participant’s knowledge has progressed. Please use the pre and post surveys below to evidence impact. The pre-survey is for participants to fill before the course starts and the post survey after the course ends. You can see the results via your unique survey link that was emailed to you after your training. Survey results are also visible by SCCAN. If you cannot find your unique survey link in your emails, please email johanna@sccan.scot

If you run the course in person, I recommend asking people by email to fill the pre-survey before the 1st session. You can check that they have filled it via your unique survey link. For the post survey, you can either take 5 min after the final session (best) or email it afterwards. In person, you can also print and use the QR codes for people who have smart phones.

If you run the course online, you can copy-paste the links in the zoom chat at the start and end of the course and give people a few minutes to fill the surveys.

Your Carbon Literacy FACILITATOR certificate

This is different from the CL certificate. The official CL certificate is a great addition to your C.V. For those who would like to get the CL facilitator certificate (free), here are the requirements:

1. Have a Carbon Literacy Certificate. 

2. Have attended a Delivering Successful CL Workshop held by the CLP. A free 1.5-hour monthly workshop held online by The CLP. Delivering Successful Carbon Literacy Workshop – Q2 Dates. Next dates:  Monday 5th June: 4 pm – 5.30 pm; Wednesday 5th July, 9 – 10.30 am; Tuesday 1st August, 1.30 – 3 pm

3. Deliver and/or support the delivery of the equivalent of one full-day worth of CL to your audience(s).

4. Download and fill the application form once they have completed the above steps and email to clt@carbonliteracy.com

Promoting your course

SCCAN can design a poster to help you promote your course. Please send your request, detailing your idea, requirements, text, logos and timeline to johanna@sccan.scot

You are the best person to know how to promote the course in your community and to sign participants up, but you will find here is some text that might help you write some text about the course.

Costs and volunteering expenses

We are happy to cover your costs for commuting to the venue where you will be delivering the course. In a similar vein, if the course, happens over a full day, we will be happy to cover up to £5 lunch costs. Please keep your receipts and email your Expenses Claim Form to johanna@sccan.scot

While we expect the course to be hosted by local organisations as part of their activity and therefore for any associated costs to be covered by the organisation, we appreciate this is not always possible.

If cost of venue is a barrier, we can contribute up to £50 to help with the cost of hiring a venue and food provision. Please keep your receipts and email them with your expenses claim form to johanna@sccan.scot

Space for connecting and sharing with other facilitators

Due the fact that the cohort of facilitators is over 45 individuals who don’t necessarily know each other, I will not propose to share everyone’s email address. Therefore, to get in touch with each other, join the Vive Space for Climate Literacy Facilitators:

If you haven’t registered to Vive yet, please do so here first.

This is a space where we can build a community and support each other, share experiences and get answers to our questions.

Zoom tutorial

Here is a useful Zoom Tutorial for beginners.

It is always a good idea to deliver the course with someone who can help whether it is online or in person.


I would encourage you to sign up to the https://carbonliteracy.com/ newsletter at the bottom of their website.

Support and Questions

For any questions, please email johanna@sccan.scot. We will be happy to meet with you to support you in organising and delivering your course.

If you are about to run a course or would like some extra support, please email us, and we will be happy to meet online or in Edinburgh. 

If you are part of a community group we may be able to run a facilitator course just for you, online or in person. More details about the CL facilitator course here.