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Eddleston Water: Reflections on Natural Flood Management

In this 1000 Better Story Shona Macintosh (biog below) reflects on the challenges and solutions of natural flood management at Eddleston Waters in the Scottish Borders. In a traditional Scottish Borders hotel, over coffee and…Continue readingEddleston Water: Reflections on Natural Flood Management

Queen of the Skies

Queen of the Skies is written by Bernardo Esteves and describes his arrival into Edinburgh and the creative inspiration he found in the city. Bernardo grew up in the Portuguese countryside and is a Neuroscience…Continue readingQueen of the Skies

Long Live Lenny

Long Live Lenny is a creative short story exploring the good work of the Edinburgh Remakery  through the eyes of an old computer given a new lease of life. It was written by Roz Littwin. …Continue readingLong Live Lenny

No Nature to Nurture

Jo Gilbert is a spoken word artist and writer from Aberdeen, who writes in Doric and English. Their work has featured on BBC Radio 4, in several art exhibitions and short films, as well as spray-painted on a…Continue readingNo Nature to Nurture