Climate: Knowledge Into Action Training – Glasgow

27/28 February 6/7 March 9:30- 14:00

Working in your local groups in/around Glasgow and have experience or an interest in facilitation?

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Cascade C:KIA – a Carbon Literacy Project Accredited Training out across your communities to help members with all they need to know about climate change and what they can do about it.

This course covers key facilitation skills for working with groups, essential climate knowledge, and a process for guiding your participants towards actionable climate commitments.

Our ‘Climate: Knowledge into Action’ course is delivered across 4 modules:  

1 – Climate Science & Justice

2 –  Causes & Impacts

3 – Adaptation & Action

4 – Communicating Climate Change. 

Rates for SCCAN members are £45 (organisation) and £25 for individuals. Please get in touch if price is a barrier to participation. It is free of charge to sign up to become a SCCAN member. 

If you have any further questions please contact