Eco-Anxiety Workshop #TuesdaysforFuture

On Tuesday 31st August, 42 participants joined the Eco-Anxiety Workshop organised by SCCAN and Climate Psychology Alliance Scotland. The workshop was about managing emotions related to the climate crisis and communicating climate change for our members and the international community.

You can rewatch the full presentation here

The workshop explored what Eco-Anxiety is and why does it arise.  Through shared experience, SCCAN and CPA helped participants to understand better why healthy emotion regulation is important and offer some tips around that. The workshop offered tools for people to understand what they and others experience. 

Nadine Andrews from CPA Scotland started the workshop with a very comprehensive presentation exploring what eco-anxiety is, how it can manifest itself, and the importance of learning how to manage our emotions around it to nurture our wellbeing at different stages of awareness and action.

The presentation was followed by a shorter version of CPA’s Climate Cafe, a series of conversations in the breakout rooms guided and supported by CPA’s experienced and kind facilitators.

We hope the tools offered in this workshop for our members and all participants will be useful now and in the future to understand what they and others are experiencing and how to communicate climate change in a way that protects our own wellbeing and mental health. 

We want to thank CPA Scotland and all our attendees for making this workshop a safe space for communicating Climate Change and are looking forward to more opportunities to host Eco-Anxiety workshops in the future to continue supporting our members with a variety of tools, knowledge, and experience in their community climate action journeys.  

We shared a link to watch Nadine Andre’s presentation at the start of the event for the attendees who missed it or wanted to re-watch it and think deeper about the concepts introduced and explored. There was an issue with the password to access the recording that should now be fixed but if you still couldn’t watch it, please email us at and we will be happy to assist you.

Let these conversations be a reminder that you are never alone. 

Read the full event report here.