The Treasure

By Pam Candea I The treasure. It was always about the treasure. Heroes always find the treasure, don’t they? They do that by off-loading their issues onto others so that they can focus on the…Continue readingThe Treasure

#EDSC 2022 – Stories from Newington Grange

In celebration of the European Day of Sustainable Communities, we would like to share 3 stories told at the National Mining Museum Scotland, with whom we partnered to collaborate for the Midlothian Climate Beacon. We…Continue reading#EDSC 2022 – Stories from Newington Grange

Killer Whale

by Euri Vidal There is more space here. The water is warmer than it has been in previous years. I liked this area of ​​the ocean, in Antarctica. I used to come here in the…Continue readingKiller Whale

1.5 MAX 2021: Global Schools’ Climate Summit – Our Future Edinburgh and Sustainable Partnerships

This short film was created by Lena Sideri with the support of SCCAN Storytellers Collective Mini-Grants. This initiative will directly connect schools from climate-vulnerable countries in the Global South to Scottish high schools through a…Continue reading1.5 MAX 2021: Global Schools’ Climate Summit – Our Future Edinburgh and Sustainable Partnerships

Together We Can!

A warm and friendly gathering is always a strong reminder of the power and meaning of the connections SCCAN is facilitating. On the morning of the 11th of March, I watched Dr. Ife enter the…Continue readingTogether We Can!

The Egg Hunters – Part 2

By Gazelle Buchholtz “If you sign here, then I’ll make sure Isla will have a great day in the outdoors and returns tonight before 6 o’clock,” says Doreen eagerly and points to the dotted line…Continue readingThe Egg Hunters – Part 2


By Erin Rizzato Devlin & Emir Elisa Rizzato, Càrna PROLOGUE ‘In nem maides fa muir thar chrícha fa thalam conscara fa gáir mo maic se,’ olsé, ‘re n-éccomlonn?’‘Is it the sky that cracks, or the…Continue readingNEM, TALAM, MUIR

Findhorn Foundation Ecovillage – An Unintentional Community

by Tara Gibsone In 1962 Peter and Eileen Caddy, their three children, and friend Dorothy found themselves living in a small caravan on the Findhorn peninsula after losing their jobs in a hotel not far…Continue readingFindhorn Foundation Ecovillage – An Unintentional Community

Gracemount Community Garden – Food Oasis

As I waited in line to get my delicious soup from the Scran food truck, I noticed the woman in front of me was holding a very small and very nervous dog. She told me…Continue readingGracemount Community Garden – Food Oasis

There’s Something About COP26 – Part 2

Community And then something amazing happened. As I tried unsuccessfully to pin down the posters and photographs on the walls of the stand using some useless sticky bits, I heard. ‘Do you want some help?’…Continue readingThere’s Something About COP26 – Part 2